For Us, it’s as much about the Experience you have in building your home with Blalock Homes, LLC as it is  the superior quality and style of the home itself!

Step One – Introductions

We have a meeting(s) to discuss the building process and to get acquainted.  It is important that we are comfortable with one another and that we have a good rapport.  Building a home is a long process, throughout which we will be in constant contact. It is imperative that we can communicate and work well together.

Step Two – Minimize Surprises

In our early meetings, we strive to manage expectations.  A positive experience hinges on your expectations being met and exceeded.  Therefore, we must know that our clients’ expectations are both realistic and clear to us and that ours are to them.  We will be direct and honest in order to ensure everyone is on the same page.   We will go over budgets, the process of building and time frames.  Our goal is to minimize “surprises.”  We want our clients to know what to expect and we try to set realistic budgets and allowances so that overages and change orders are rare.  In addition, we offer online construction schedules that are real-time so that clients can track progress and know the estimated completion date throughout the process, even if it fluctuates.   Communication is extremely important, please discuss any questions you have as they come up.

 Step Three – Finalize plans, specifications, and budgets in writing

Since Kris designs all of the plans we build (at no additional charge to you), we will have a design meeting(s) to get the plans exactly the way you want them.  Once those are finalized, pricing can begin.  When we have all the details worked out, we will make it official with a written contract that includes our plans, specs, budgets, and any other stipulations we’ve agreed upon.

 Step Four – Work one on one with us on Selections, Walkthroughs, and Details

We meet with clients and the vendors together to help make the building process less intimidating and to help eliminate changes and overages during the process.  We will be as involved during this process as you would like.

 Step Five – Have FUN!

This is the single largest, most important investment you will ever make!  Most of our clients are building their “forever home,” therefore, we want you to cherish the experience for just as long!

Below are samples of the floor plans we offer.